Less Stress

Struggling with deadlines, family needs, traffic jams, or just too much coming at you all at once?

Stored stress affects function, and dysfunction, of body and mind and is the root cause of many chronic health conditions. You can live a better life with less stress. Learn how you can take a vacation from stress whenever you choose.

More Fun

Q: Which muscles should you exercise regularly?   A: Only the ones you don’t want to lose.

Every bodily system improves in function with simple exercise. Most people who begin one kind of exercise eventually become interested in adding other types. Your body and muscles want more exercise. Create the exercise program that is fun and right for you.


More Security

Wrestling with the ability to meet future needs while keeping pace with day-to-day obligations? No stress here, right?
In a world turned upside down, it makes sense to re-examine some basic assumptions. A good place to start: understanding the true nature of risk. Risk isn’t about how your stomach feels. It’s about making or missing an important goal. Create the life you want to live yourself

Live in a Solution

The best way to avoid and resolve many chronic health conditions is to be too healthy to have them. Sometimes people simply want to recapture their health. They remember the good ol' days. The body is an incredible miracle. What if there was a way of helping your body do what it knows how to do best, only better? Better living in six weeks - guaranteed!

Question of the week

I’m 37, married, and the mother of three very active childen under 7 years. I enjoy going to yoga to relax when I can. I enjoy mountain biking with my husband for exercise when I can. By mid-afternoon I start to feel an energy sag and usually have an energy drink for a boost. Is this part of the aging process, and is this as good as it’s going to get?